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Pork Nutrition:

ham The Canadian health guide suggests 1-3 servings of meat and alternatives per day depending on age and gender. Pork can be an excellent choice to fulfill these requirements. Pork has 6 essential nutrients including Thiamin (Vitamin B1) and Riboflavin, 4 minerals including Iron and Zinc along with energy and protein.
Trimmed pork fits under the lean or extra lean categories which makes it an excellent meat and alternatives choice. It is important to note ribs do not fit in these categories. To find out more check out the links below.

Nutrition Links:


This is the Canadian Food Health Guide. If you are looking for specific nutritional requirements based on age and gender this is a great resource.


A great reference for nutritional, food saftey and pork preparation facts. This website includes information on the leanest cuts of pork, nutrition in pork and even notes on BBQ safety. An excellent source of nutrition and health information all related to pork.


This is a great reference for those interested in what type of nutrients are in pork and what those nutrients do in our body. It also contains a table that displays the nutrient values for Canadian pork organized by specific cuts. If you are curious about the calorie counts, protein and fat levels as well as nutrients in a specific cut of pork this is the resource for you.


This electronic brochure is an excellent resource for nutritional information on pork. It includes information on serving sizes and reading nutritional labels as well as the top 10 'extra-lean' pork cuts. A great resource for anyone looking for information on healthy eating and incorporating pork into one's diet.