pigs on sawdust bed

Products : Pork

Quality Pork Products:

At Gelderman Farms we work hard to bring you quality pork products. We believe to make the best pork we can it has to start with the pigs. Our pigs are raised in spacious pens with natural light and ventilation. We use a vegetable diet which we make on the farm so we know what our pigs are eating. This allows us to purchase quality grains to feed our pigs. The stringent standard we follow in raising our pigs results in high quality pork for you. 

To assist you in having the best possible experience with our pork we have a recipes page that you may be interested in if you would like some ideas or inspiration for how to cook your pork.

About Our Pork:

  • Raised locally in the Fraser Valley
  • Bedded on sawdust
  • Freedom to run and root
  • Supports the 100 mile diet Quality Pork Products
  • Feed custom made on the farm
  • No animal meat by-products
  • No theraputic antibiotic treatment
  • No growth hormones *as per Canadian regulations
  • Animal Care Assurance Certified
  • Canadian Quality Assurance Certified
  • Government Inspected