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Our compost is all natural, weed free, organic and environmentally friendly. Go green compost is pathogen free and meets Canadian Standard for Class A compost. It is available in bulk sales or 30L bags.

Benefits of Go Green Compost:

  • Contains slow releasing nutrients
  • Improves ability of soil to hold moisture
  • Improves microbial action in soil
  • Improves texture of soil

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Raising pigs on sawdust beds allows us to blend manure with sawdust which is then mixed in order to add air. The temperature of the compost is brought to 65 degrees celcius in order to kill weed seeds, pathogens as well as to remove the odor of the manure. The nutrient values is as follows:

  • Total Nitrogen: .88%
  • Total Phosphorous: .45%
  • Total Potassium: 1.09%

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Go Green Compost is excellent for many areas of your home:

  • Lawns (both new and exisiting): The compost improves soil texture allowing roots to breath, improves microbial action and provides nutrients for the grass. To apply spread a thin layer over the lawn (15-25 litres per 100sq ft.) 2 times per year.

  • Vegetable Gardens: The compost provides nutrients for plants, retains soil mositure and improves the texture. To apply mulch up to 2" of compost into the top 6" of soil.

  • Flowerbeds: The compost retains moisture, improves soil texture and provides nutrients for the plants. To apply mulch up to 2-3" of compost into the top 6" of soil.

  • House plants: Using compost makes for healthier plants by providing nutrients, retaining moisture and improving soil texture. To apply spread an even layer on top of soil 2-3 times per year.

Where to Buy?

Order Go Green Compost directly through Gelderman Farms by submitting the form below or purchase it at the following locations:

Sunrise Garden Centre
28563 Fraser Hwy,
Abbotsford, BC
V4X 1L1

Valley Pulp and Sawdust
4491 Gladwin Rd,
Abbotsford, BC
V4X 1W6


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