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Quality Fresh Blueberries:

blueberrypicker.jpgAt Gelderman Farms we use organic based principles to grow our berries, using neither herbicides nor pesticides or any other sprays unless they are approved for organic production. To control the weeds we place sawdust around the bases of the bushes along with hand weeding, using weed eaters and lawnmowers. To control pesky birds, we use trained falcons rather than the traditional method of cannons and other bird scare devices. After being harvested, all our berries are processed through both a soft sorter and color sorter to eliminate unwanted berries. We have also become Canada Gap (Good Agricultural Practices) certified through a third-party audit food safety program.

All of the above helps us to produce a healthy and excellent tasting blueberry for you and your family to enjoy year round.

The 2018 Blueberry Season Has Wrapped Up!

Thank-you to all those who ordered their fresh blueberries from us this year. The 2018 blueberry season has come to a close but don’t forget frozen blueberries are available year round and can be conveniently purchased in our secure online store or phone 604-864-9096

Gelderman Farm Blueberries Available Year Round

If you would like to purchase our quality blueberries Gelderman Farms now carries it's own frozen blueberries so you can still get those same great berries year round.

Our frozen blueberries are available in 1 kg bags at $9.90/bag. Purchase yours today at our secure online store or contact us.