blueberries pork and flower


Quality Pork

pigs in pen with feed systemPigs produced on Gelderman farms are fed a diet of grains, vitamins and minerals. We purchase quality ingredients for all the feed which is manufactured right on the farm, and we do not include any medictions, growth hormones* or meat by-products in our feed. The grower/finisher pigs are bedded on sawdust in spacious pens with natural lighting and ventilation and have a constant supply of fresh liquid and feed. This provides the pigs with ample room to run, root and behave in a natural way. All the processing of our pork is done at Bonetti Meats in Aldergrove. To find out more about our pork products please visit our pork page.
*as per Canadian regulations


Quality Blueberries

blueberry bushesBlueberries grown by Gelderman Farms are produced using a heavily based organic fertilizer. Sawdust is placed on the rows and hand weeding is done to minimize the amount of sprays needed to control weeds around the plants. Controlling the weeds also helps in controlling the aphids that attack the plants. This helps us to produce a healthy and excellent tasting blueberry for you and your family. To find out more visit our blueberries page.


Go Green Compost

Go Green Compost BagThe compost produced at Gelderman Farms is made from the sawdust the pigs are bedded on. The sawdust and manure is mixed by the pigs rooting instinct. This mixture is removed from the barns and put through a heating stage which kills any weed seeds and pathogens. After this heating process, turning and curing, we are left with an excellent compost product for lawns, gardens, flower beds and house plants. This compost is high in organic matter with a slow release fertilizer to provide excellent plant growth. To find out more including how to order visit our Go Green Compost page.