About Us : Customer Satisfaction

The Gelderman Farms peameal bacon is fantastic. The perfect preparation of meat from happy local animals - as supporters of eating local, their pork is a wonderful addition to our family's table.

J. Bowness

Having grown my own pigs from srcatch. Prepared my own hams and sausages and
Proscuto I was particular about flavour, quality taste, therefore being from
UK where Cambridge sausages are a bench mark and occasionally sneaking some
back to Canada, we could not find the quality or flavour we were seeking, I
have at last found a place where I can truthfully say, THIS IS IT. I purchased
my meat at 12 noon immediatly came home and tried them out and I was amazed
they are perfect in taste, texture and quality, thank you,

Pat Edwards
Abbotsford BC

Jerry & Family: I love to cook a whole pig on a large barbeque. For the last 4 years I have purchased pigs from your farm for this hobby of mine and every one has been great.  This year I hosted a family reunion of about 40 adults and 10 small children. I picked up the pig from Bonetti's Meats in Langley. I cooked the pig whole, in an outdoor oven, skin side down. I followed your suggestion of not using any seasonings, sauces or marinades. The oven varied from 250 to 300 degrees and the meat was done in about 5 hours.  It was savory, moist, tender and everyone loved it. Each person could add salt, pepper, BBQ sauce or whatever they wanted.  The skin turned to "cracklin" which true meat lovers really enjoyed. In a word the pig was perfect.  I highly recommend  your pork to everyone.  Thank you for your friendly and helpful service!

Gord Beebe

So, everything went great with pick-up, Carlo at Bonetti Meat was super friendly and accommodating, as well as a great butcher and we're already eating the pork - it's amazing!  The whole process was cost friendly and easy.  Pretty sure I'll be a life-long customer:)  So, talk to you after we finish gobbling up this side of pork! Thanks!

Bart Batchelor

We had pork chops yesterday for supper and they were really good.  We haven't had them in awhile. I used a tart and tangy recipe. Looking forward to the rest of the meat.

Sandra A

The pork we got is excellent, so I'm ordering more. Thanks

Christine Cavanagh

Best bacon I’ve ever tasted!

Helen Dunham

Haven’t made Coq au Vin in a while? Here’s your chance. One of the things you need is good smoked bacon so get some here.