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Our 2020 blueberry harvesting season has come to a close. Thank you for your support. Gelderman Farms frozen blueberries are available year round. Find out more about our blueberries.

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Gelderman Farms Quality Pork Division Closes It's Doors

It is with extreme mixed emotions that we are announcing the closure of the Pork Division of Gelderman Farms.

For various reasons, we have decided to retire. Our children have all taken a different path in life and we want to support them in their decisions. Over the past year Jerry has been struggling with some health issues and he needs to slow down. We’ve had a couple of individuals interested in purchasing the business but to no success. This was not an easy decision for us to make. That being said May 14, 2021 will be our last date for taking orders, subject to product being available.

View the full letter from Jerry & Audrey

Please note: Our blueberry and compost divisions are currently continuing to operate.

Gelderman Farms Ltd. is a family owned pig farm located in the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford B.C. The Gelderman family takes pride in raising quality pork that is tasty and good for your family.

Gelderman Farms is primarily focused on providing various cuts of high quality pork from ham and pork chops to bacon but they also offer blueberries in season and fantastic compost for your garden.

Why Choose Gelderman Farms Pork?

  • High quality vegetable based diet custom blended on the farms
  • No animal meat by-products in feed
  • No growth hormones *as per Canadian Regulations
  • No theraputic antibiotic treatment
  • Supports the 100 mile diet
  • Spacious room to run and root
  • Canadian Quality Assurance Certified
  • Animal Care Assurance Certified
  • Government Inspected

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